Tiktok Promotions - Influencer Campaign

Grow Your Fan base on TikTok; the World’s #1 Music Social Media Platform. TikTok has a unique algorithm that is different from its counterparts.

The app uses machine learning to show you a personalized feed known as For You that is different for every user. Influencer marketing is significant because of the massive impact of influencers on their audience

Learn How to get top influencers to promote your brand. They can use a product in one of their videos and have their audience buy that product on the same day They released it. This is the power of influencer marketing. Do it you have nothing to lose

Our team pitches your song to the best influencers to use for your campaign.

Some influencers will turn it down some will say yes because it matches their brand or they just Like your song.

Your sound (song) must be on Tiktok for us to do the promotion.

 2 to 4 Influencer will promote their music

What do we need from you?